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The Caribbean in the Atlantic World: Getting Started

Anthropology/Latin American Studies 271 Professor: Greg Beckett * Librarian: Leanne Pander


Pan American World Airlines Poster, ca 1948
Artist: Mark von Arenburg. From Bridgman Education.

Subject Headings & Call Numbers

Useful subject headings:

West Indies (and subheadings)

Caribbean Area (and subheadings)

Or, search specific countries by name.

Books about the Caribbean fall in the call number range of F 1601-2183.

Latin American Studies in general will be
F 1201-3799.

Additional Resources

The Library Research Guides for Latin American Studies and Anthropology will be useful for finding additional resources for this class.

Library Catalogs

Advanced Search CBBcat Help


Catalog Descriptions

Start on the Library Gateway and search one of the following catalogs. You may set the Bowdoin catalog as the default on your own computer instead of CBBcat if you wish.  

CBBcat -  combined catalog of the Bowdoin, Bates and Colby Libraries. This is the default catalog, set to search by Keyword.

Bowdoin College Library Catalog - books, journals, dvd's, government documents, etc. in Bowdoin's library. Easier to search for specific known works by title, author or subject heading.

NExpress - combined catalog of Bowdoin, Bates, Colby, Wellesley, Williams, Middlebury, and Northeastern. Requests take 2-3 days.

MaineCat  - combined catalog for all the libraries in the State, including the University of Maine, the Maine State Library, and hundreds of public libraries. Requests take 2-5 days.

Finding Library Books

  1. Go to the Library Gateway.
  2. The default catalog is CBBcat, which uses a Keyword search (like Google).
  3. CBBcat allows you to narrow your search results by Topic, Format, Time Period, and many other "limiters."
  4. When you find some relevant titles, check the subject headings to find additional terms for searching.
  5. If you are looking for a specific book, it's most efficient to switch to the Bowdoin catalog and search by Title or Author.
  6. To locate books within the Library, look at the right-side of the web page under More info.  Printed location guides and signage within the Library also will help you find materials.
  7. When you find your book, browse the surrounding shelves for others on the same topic.
  8. To expand your search, try MaineCat or NExpress for more titles.
  9. Always feel free to consult the reference librarian for any questions!

Subject Guide

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