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Why Architecture Matters, ENVS1011/ARTH1011: Home


Professor: Jill Pearlman

Librarian: Barbara Levergood


team art in berlin. Le Corbusier im Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin. Image. Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 2.0).


Turn in your notes on your findings to Prof. Pearlman.

  1. You want to read more about Gothic cathedrals in general. Using CBBcat, find one book about Gothic cathedrals, similar to the book you are reading (The Gothic Enterprise: A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral). It should provide an overview and cover a variety of Gothic cathedrals, not focussing on a limited number of cathedrals or regions.
    • What search technique(s) did you use to find a book?
  2. You are researching the Salisbury Cathedral and want to know what areas scholars have researched in the past. Using either Hollis or WorldCat (under "Other Sources for Books" on the "Some databases" tab):
    1. List 5 important research areas reflected in book-length publications. In which academic discipline(s) is each of the research areas?
      • What clues did you use to identify the research areas?
    2. Choose one of those research areas and search for more materials in that area.
      • What search technique(s) did you use?
  3. You are still researching your topic on the Salisbury Cathedral from (2b) and want to find journal articles on your topic. Evaluate at least three databases for journal articles on the "Some databases" tab for suitability for your research topic. Find at least two other relevant and important journal databases on the Library's lists of databases (alphabetical and/or by subject).
    • From what disciplinary perspective(s) has your topic been researched?
    • Which databases are best for your topic and why?
      • How did you arrive at that conclusion?



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