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Pacific Passages: Japan in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800, Hist 2420/ASNS 2252: Home

Hist 2420/ASNS 2252

Professor: Sakura Christmas

Librarian: Barbara Levergood

"I was born [in 1837] in the Island Empire of Japan, in the village of Komiya in the Province of Harima in the Sanyōdō on the shore of the Harima Nada. The Harima Nada is the easternmost reach of the famous Inland Sea, that beautiful land-locked stretch of water which separates the main island from the smaller ones of Shikoku and Kiushiu."
Joseph Heco. The narrative of a Japanese: what he has seen and the people he has met in the course of the last forty years. San Francisco, Calif.: American-Japanese Publishing Association, Vol. 1. Available from HathiTrust.


Provides access to various reference sources, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, other Japanese reference works (biographies, maps, chronologies, etc.), full text, and other visual and sound databases.
Encyclopedia of Japan is in English, otherwise the materials are in Japanese. Hint: If the content is in Japanese, click on "Eng" at the top right. Click on the "basic search" or "advanced search" tab. Enter a search term in English. Look for items on the results list that contain substantial English content.

Historical Abstracts and JSTOR are excellent sources for journal articles on Japan and Japanese history.

OneSearch is the single most comprehensive tool for searching the Library's print and electronic resources.

Resources for primary sources include:

(Also see the "Primary Sources" tab.)

Research guide on Asian History, particularly the tab on Japan.

Spelling variations

When searching, be sure to search on spelling variations or alternatives of geographic and personal names. For example:

  • Japan, Japon, Nihon, Nippon
  • Okinawa, Ryukyu(s), Liuchiu(s), Lewchew(s), Loochoo
  • Korea, Corea, Chosen, Choson
  • Manchuria, Manchukuo, Manchoukuo, Manchoukou (a common typo), Northeast China, Tartary
  • Taiwan, Formosa
  • Ainu, Aino(s), Ainoo
  • Hakodate, Hakodadi
  • Marco Polo Bridge, Rokōkyō, Lugou Bridge, Lukou Bridge, Lugouqiao, Lukouchiao, Lukowkiao
  • Saigō Takamori, Saigo Takamori, Saigō Kokichi, Saigō Nanshū


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