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The Japanese Empire and World War II, Hist 2890/ASNS 2310: Home

Hist 2890/ASNS 2310

Professor: Sakura Christmas

Librarian: Barbara Levergood


Japanese Occupation, 1940, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license


Provides access to various reference sources, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, other Japanese reference works (biographies, maps, chronologies, etc.), full text, and other visual and sound databases.
Encyclopedia of Japan is in English, otherwise the materials are in Japanese. Hint: For English content, click on "English" at the top right. Click on the "basic search" or "advanced search" tab. Enter a search term in English. Look for items on the results list that contain substantial English content.

Chinese Newspapers Collection
A variety of English-language Chinese newspapers, from ca. 1832-1953, including:

  • China Monthly Review (1950-1953)
  • China Weekly Review (until 1950)
  • Millard's China National Review (1919-1919)
  • Millard's Review of the Far East (1917-1921)
  • Peking Daily News (1914-1917)
  • Peking Gazette (1915-1917)
  • The Canton Times (1919-1920)
  • The China Critic (1939-1946)
  • The China Press (1925-1938)
  • The China Weekly Review (1923-1950)
  • The Chinese Recorder (1912-1938)
  • The Chinese Recorder and Educational Review (1939-1941)
  • The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (1868-1912)
  • The Chinese Repository (1832-1851)
  • The North - China Herald (1850-1867)
  • The North - China Herald and Market Report (1867-1869)
  • The North - China Herald and Supreme Court & Consular Gazette (1870-1941)
  • The Peking Leader (1918-1919)
  • The Shanghai Gazette (1919-1921)
  • The Shanghai Times (1914-1921)
  • The Weekly Review (1922-1923)
  • The Weekly Review of the Far East (1921-1922)

The single most comprehensive tool for searching the Library's print and electronic resources. You can limit to book reviews.

Research guide on Asian History, particularly the tabs on Japan and China.

Spelling variations

When searching, be sure to search on spelling variations or alternatives of geographic and personal names. For example:

  • Japan, Japon, Nihon, Nippon
  • Okinawa, Ryukyu(s), Liuchiu(s), Lewchew(s), Loochoo
  • Korea, Corea, Chosen, Choson
  • Manchuria, Manchukuo, Manchoukuo, Manchoukou (a common typo), Northeast China, Tartary
  • Taiwan, Formosa
  • Ainu, Aino(s), Ainoo
  • Hakodate, Hakodadi
  • Marco Polo Bridge, Rokōkyō, Lugou Bridge, Lukou Bridge, Lugouqiao, Lukouchiao, Lukowkiao
  • Saigō Takamori, Saigo Takamori, Saigō Kokichi, Saigō Nanshū


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