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Maine History: Reference


Lobsterman Poster, 1963
Maine Historical Society


Historical atlas of Maine
Main Ref folio F19 .H57 2015

New England Diaries, 1602-1800; a descriptive catalogue of diaries, orderly books and sea journals
Main Ref Z1251.E1 F6 1967

New England in U.S. Government Publications, 1789-1849: an annotated Bibliography
Main Ref Z1251.E1 C58 1998
Sources: Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, Congressional Globe, American State Papers, U.S. Congressional Serial Set, Statutes at Large, congressional hearings, committee prints, materials in the U.S. Senate Executive Documents and Reports set.

Maine - Bibliographies, Guides

Bibliography of the State of Maine
Compiled in the Bangor Public Library, Bangor, Maine
Main Ref Folio Z1291 .B3

A bibliography of the state of Maine (print and via HathiTrust)
Joseph Williamson
Main Ref F19 .W716 1985
Govt Doc Maine E 21/9.8:M 3/985/
Spec Coll Z1291 .W73
Spec Coll Z1291 .W73 1896
Spec Coll Alpha Z1291 .W73
Spec Coll Ref Z1291 .W73 1896
"This is a comprehensive, monumental bibliography of Maine [...]. It includes all books, pamphlets, and magazine articles by Maine authors up to 1891. [...] There are catalogs, speeches and sermons, governmental publications of all kinds, and college histories and periodicals." Not included are "public, municipal and legal reports, and pamphlets which relate to organizations not of an historical, literary, charitable or religious character." Newspaper articles have not been included unless they "have been preserved in other form".


Maine, resources, attractions, and its people; a history. 4 vols.
Main Ref F19 .C67

Maine; a history (Print and via HathiTrust)
5 vols. 1919 Editor-in-chief, Louis Clinton Hatch
Main Ref F19 .H36
Part of v. 3, and v. 4-5 contain biographical material.

A survey of the state of Maine: in reference to its geographical features, statistics and political economy, Moses Greenleaf, 1829. (print, online)
Spec Coll HA416 .G8 1829

A gazetteer of the state of Maine, George Jones Varney, 1881. (Print, online, and Internet Archive.)

Maine: A Guide 'Down East', written by workers of the Federal Writers Project of the WPA, 1937. (print, online, and Internet Archive)
Main Ref F17.3 .F42
2d ed. Revision prepared by the Maine League of Historical Societies and Museums
Main Ref F17.3 .M3 1970

Maine, the sesquicentennial of statehood : an exhibition in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., December 21, 1970 to September 6, 1971

History - Bibliographies, Guides

Maine's historical records : a guide to collections of original, unpublished materials
Main Ref CD3274 .M34 1992
Govt Doc Maine A 79.5: H 5/1992

Maine: A Bibliography of its History
Main Ref F19.M35 1977

Maine during the Federal and Jeffersonian Period: a Bibliographical Guide
Main Ref Z1291 .B38

Maine during the Colonial Period; a Bibliographical Guide
Main Ref Z1291 .C55

Reference List of Manuscripts Relating to the History of Maine
Main Ref Z1291 .M27 1938a


Index of economic material in documents of the states of the United States: Maine, 1820-1904 (Print and via HathiTrust and Internet Archive)
Main Ref Z1291 .H25

Bibliography of studies of the Maine economy, 1945-1973; as found in Fogler Library, University of Maine at Orono, Summer 1973
Main Ref Z1291 .O5


Maine register, state yearbook and legislative manual
Main Libr JK2831
Lists state and town officials, town populations, businesses and information on local and state agencies. Some volumes are also available from HathiTrust, Internet Archive, and Google Books.

Natural Resources

Lands and forests research sources , a.k.a. Lands and forests: Maine and the nation, a select bibliography
Govt Doc Maine A 70.8 L 2/981

Maine People

Biography and genealogy

Memorials of Maine; a life record of men and women of the past whose sterling character and energy and industry have made them preeminent in their own and many other states
Main Ref F18 .M6
Main Libr folio F18 .M6 c.2

Maine; a history (Print and via HathiTrust)
5 vols. 1919 Editor-in-chief, Louis Clinton Hatch
Main Ref F19 .H36
Part of v. 3, and v. 4-5 contain biographical material.

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine (Print and via HathiTrust)
Main Libr F18 .L77

The Maine historical and genealogical recorder (print and online)
Main Per

Maine genealogy: a bibliographical guide
Main MWPA Coll. Z1291 .F76 1985

Ancestry Library
Census schedules, vital records, directories, photos, and more of individuals from North America, Europe, Australia, and other countries. (Sources for Census Schedules (including names) at Bowdoin.)

Peoples of Maine

The Indians of Maine : a bibliographic guide
Main Ref Z1209.2.M2 I5 1994

The Franco-Americans of New England: a union list of materials in selected Maine libraries. Les Franco-Américains de la Nouvelle-Angleterre; un catalogue de matériaux disponibles dans certaines bibliothéques de l'Etat du Maine
Main Ref Z1251.E1 S5

Maine Regions, Counties, and Towns

History of Cumberland Co., Maine

Town Directories
The Library has many individual town directories. Search town name and "directories", both as subject, in the Bowdoin library catalog.

Maine Town Annual Reports
The Library has a collection of paper annual Maine town reports (town government's accounting to the taxpayers of the spending of tax money) in Government Documents. UMO is digitizing the Maine town reports. Both collections are incomplete, so search each one.

Maine Local Histories (from Ray's Place, Explore New England's Past)
Digitized town and county histories written during the 1880's. Many are from Varney's A gazetteer of the state of Maine (see below).

A guide to the study of Maine local history
Main Ref Z1291 .N93

Maine register, state yearbook and legislative manual
Main Libr JK2831, latest ed. in Main Ref
Lists state and town officials, town populations, businesses and information on local and state agencies.

Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast
Main Ref F19 .M39 1982

Subject Guide

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Call number ranges for Maine history

You can browse the shelves in these call number ranges for Maine history:

F1 - F15 New England local history
F16 - F30 Maine local history.
For Maine before it seceded from Massachusetts in 1820, also consult F61 - F75, Massachusetts local history.
Z1251.E1 New England bibliographies
Z1291 - Z1292 Maine bibliographies

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